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Smart Grid Technology

Mission Innovation

International Smart Grid Technology Collaboration

This project supports Danish participation in the Smart Grid Innovation Challenge also referred to as the IC#1 where Denmark is co-leading the task on Demand Response and participates in various other tasks. The purpose of the project is, through the strong Danish experience, to impact the international research on Smart Grids thereby influencing which technologies should be part of future sustainable energy systems.

The project will communicate results and experiences from the large number of international and national projects to stakeholders in both Denmark and abroad. 





Denmark has since 2015 participated in the MI initiative, a global coalition aiming at accelerating the global transition towards a greener economy.


Overview of all MI related events and side events, smart grids innovation workshops, intelligent energy workshops and Mission Innovation energy hacks.


Download the Smart Grids Innovation Challenge Country Report  2017 and 2019. Strategies, Trends and Activities on Jointly Identified Research Topics (START).