Mission Innovation

Denmark has since 2015 participated in the Mission Innovation (MI) initiative, a global coalition aiming at accelerating the global transition towards a greener economy. The Smart Grid Innovation Challenge (IC#1) is the first of seven International Challenges of Analysis and Joint Research Subgroups in Mission Innovation.

The aim of the IC#1 on smart grids is to develop and demonstrate the use of smart grids technologies in a variety of grid applications including demonstrating the robust, efficient, and reliable operation of regional and distribution grids as well as micro grids in diverse geographic conditions.

Denmark has via Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), DTU Elektro actively participated in the IC#1 since the working group commenced for the first time in June 2017 in Beijing.

The main objective of IC#1 is to build on the existing experiences obtained in the many national and international projects to accelerate the development and demonstration of Smart Grids technologies in a variety of grid applications, including the robust, efficient and reliable operation of regional grids and distribution grids as well as micro-grids in diverse geographic conditions, to facilitate the cost effective uptake of renewable energy.

In particular, IC#1 aims at developing an improved and shared understanding of main R&D needs and gaps, provide a frame for adapting research results to different technical and regulatory contexts and thus fostering national research towards jointly identified R&D priorities thus promoting opportunities to researchers, innovators and investors from around the world and strengthening and expanding collaboration between key partners, leveraging on their complementarities and synergies.

CEE Figure